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Role of a Coach

My role as a coach is to motive, advise, develop,  execute, and mentor my athletes. I will have my athlete's best interests at heart and will work to help guide them to reach their full potential as an athlete and a skater. 

Coach Annalisa 

My Method

Every coach has a different method to produce results in their athletes. My approach to coaching incorporates positive feedback, encouragement, enforcing rules & discipline, communicating effectively, and building a strong relationship with my students. 

As a coach I will identify a skater's needs and best interests. I will advise with my high level of knowledge and expertise and implement a suitable training program for each skater. I will provide safe equipment and facilitate a healthy environment for my students to excel and succeed. If a student fails  to follow my recommended program, the results will suffer and I will have no choice but to terminate the skater/coach relationship. 

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