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2023 Spring Preview Competition Results

Congrats to Sophia, Jeremy, and Colette at the Spring Preview! Coach Annalisa is so proud of your dedication, persistence, and resilience. Keep up the hard work. A huge thank you to Coach Rita and Coach Karen for your help!

Sophia improved her program score by 2 points since the Dublin competition and came in second place. Sophia improved her negative grade of executions and accomplished 0 and +1 marks.

Jeremy also improved his program score by 2 points and came in 3rd place. Jeremy improved his program components score by 1.87. If he had completed his scratch spin he would have improved his overall score by 3.25 points!

Colette skated her heart out and completed her program and received her first program score! I am so proud of her resilience to rise up and try to redeem herself after her performance at the Spring Spectacular! We are so proud of your courage and bravery to persevere.

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