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Congrats Aivy! Great job Emily and Elizabeth!

Aivy won first place at Excel Beginner level! She skated clean and excited her scratch spins beautifully.

Emily attempted 2 single axels in one program! Wow nice efforts. She did her best and continued the program with two minor mistakes on the axels. She improved her skating skills 50% since the start of the summer and even learned a new program in 2 weeks. Great perserverance Emily!

Elizabeth skated her best. She fell on her double salchow but landed her single Axel and second double salchow beautifully. She skated so beautifully and tried her best. She will return with confidence and Grace!

Congrats to all of your hard work, determination, and grit. It's about the journey, fun and positive experiences, and growing together as a team. We will come back at Skate SF and shine! ❤️🖤🩷

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