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Coach & Skater Relationship: 

Upon choosing a coach, you are considered their student. USFSA/PSA rules must be followed if a Student/Parent chooses to change coaches or desire more than one coach. It is as follows:

Choosing a Coach

Establishing a Coach

  1. Once you start taking lessons from a coach, that professional is your Coach. If you want to employ a second coach, then follow steps at the bottom of this page.  

  2. If another coach offers you a lesson, while you are currently taking private lessons, PSA rules mandates all coaches must ask any potential students if they have a coach. In the event they do not, please let them know you are currently taking lessons from me.

Being Transparent and Honest

  1. If you are taking lessons from a Coach and would like to experiment with other coaches, establish this with your current coach and explain that you are looking for someone who is a good fit.  It is perfectly ok to shop around.  It is simply necessary to be fully transparent and honest about it with both parties. 

  2. If at any time you would like to change coaches, please make sure to 

inform your current Coach.  Remain courteous and follow the steps below.

Asking Permission

1. If you are currently taking lessons from me and employ another coach without my knowledge, I will have no choice but to terminate our coaching/student relationship.Please be respectful and considerate

How to Switch Coaches

Steps to Switch Coaches: 

  1. Speak to your coach about wanting to switch to another Coach and why (try to settle anything that you are unhappy with). It may be beneficial to add a coach to your team as opposed to switching altogether.  If you both are unable to agree to new terms, then the Coach/Student relationship will end, however all payment due must be paid before being allowed to switch to a new coach.  

  2. Contact the Coach you are looking to switch to. It is important to remain

            on good terms with your previous coach and begin a new relationship with your 

        new Coach.

  3.  Always display sportsmanship and never talk badly about your previous Coach/Coaches/other skaters.

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