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Basic Skating Ettiquette

Skaters in their program have the first priority. Skaters in a lesson with their coach have the second priority. Skaters in a spin or a jump entrance have the 3rd right of way. All other skaters have 4th priority. 

Skater Ettiquette

Public Skate & Freestyle 

Skaters are required to practice with their practice list. Skaters are expected not to talk to other coaches or students while practicing. Skaters are expected to be skating the whole duration of their practice time and not engaging in tag, chasing other students, running in the lobby, interrupting other coaches, making snowballs, standing on the boards, or kicking the ice. It is common courtesy to stay out of the way of the first priority skaters however you do not need to come to a complete stop or stand on the boards. Skaters should be mindful of the other coaches who are in lessons with students. It is important to be mindful, respectful, cautious, and aware of the other high level skaters that are sharing the ice.  Thank you for your cooperation! 

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