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Skater Etiquette: 

Skaters are expected to arrive early before their lesson to pay the admission, warm up on the floor (spinner, jump rope, air rotation, jumps) and practice 15-30 minutes prior to the start of their lesson. Please do not show up right at the start of your scheduled lesson. If a student has not warmed up prior to the lesson, we will have to spend the entire lesson warming up the skills from the previous session/lesson. Please come early and prepared! 

Expected Athlete Behavior:

Warmed Up

Skaters will be expected to warm up and practice on their own in order to improve their skills. 


Skaters should have a positive attitude that is ready and willing to learn. 


Skaters will accept constructive criticism and apply the corrections to their skating. 

Off-Ice Etiquette

Skaters are expected to be on time for their on-ice and off-ice session. Skaters should get off of the ice early if they need more time to prepare for the off-ice class. 

Skaters are expected to bring their required off-ice equipment to every class. Skaters will need sneakers, jump rope, skating spinner, yoga matt, and a water bottle. 

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