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Figure Skating Coach

My name is Annalisa. I was born in Cheng Du China before I was adopted by American parents. I have a twin sister and an older sister. I began skating at the age of 9 in New York and trained with Russian coaches in New York and Connecticut until I was 15 also coaching Learn to Skate lessons and summer camps. I was homeschooled until Freshman year and then went back to public school and graduated early before moving to Southern California at 18 where I resumed competing and began to coach private lessons. I am passionate and enthusiastic about figure skating and bring inspiration and motivation to every lesson. My goal is to harness untapped potential and cultivate an unwavering passion for the sport while having fun. When I am not on the ice, I enjoy cooking, hiking, yoga, going to the beach, drinking coffee, and boats.

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Tucker The Newfie

"I enjoy playing with squeaky toys, chasing after balls, and jumping on everything. I love attention and will do anything for a treat/pupicino."

Tucker The Newfoundland

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