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Growth Mindset- Path to Future

As we wrap up the end of the first competition season. It really important to focus on the bigger picture and the growth mindset in our children. They will always be striving to ace an exam, pass a skating test, achieve a higher score at a competition however it is impossible if we do not have a growth mindset. If our mindset is capped, we can not achieve our goals and aspirations. It is important to be open minded about the work and dedication the skaters put in and the exponential results. It is too easy to focus on the here and now yet the present is inconsequential. It is important to focus on the bigger picture and not on this competition, this season, this year but for the path to the future. It is important that parents aren't intrinsic and blame themselves for their child's trials and tribulations and help them the child to focus on the growth mindset for their future skating career. Otherwise skaters will become discouraged and quit...

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