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Booking Terms and Conditions: 

Book Prior to the Month:

Weekly lessons must be booked prior to the start of the month. Lesson slots will be saved until the first day of the month. After the 1st of the month, you will be able to book any available drop-in sessions. If you do not book by the first day of the month, your lesson can be booked by anyone who sees the open availability. Please confirm your weekly lesson time with Coach Annalisa and only book your designated weekly lesson. 


You will not be refunded if you forget to redeem your pricing plan and your lesson time is already taken. Please book your lessons as soon as possible since I am fully booked and not accepting new students. If I have openings I will offer them to other students and will fill your lesson slot. Thank you for your understanding that my time is valuable and depends on you booking your lessons. 

Off-ice is required 1x per week minimum in order to take from Coach Annalisa. Lesson slots are limited and will not be saved, please book as soon as possible. Lessons will NOT BE CONFIRMED until the payment is received and the lesson dates/times are selected and booked. If you purchase a pricing plan and do not redeem your lesson times, your lesson is NOT CONFIRMED. If you do not get a confirmation email, your lesson IS NOT CONFIRMED. 

Please let me know 1 week prior to the start of the month if you cannot attend one of the weekly lesson commitments in your Pricing Plan. Lessons are a weekly commitment and you are expected to show up for your scheduled lesson.

No Transfers, Cancellations, or Refund Policy: 

ALL PURCHASES ARE FINAL! Due to limited availability, there are absolutely no refunds, or transfers to another date. Please confirm your dates and times prior to completing your transaction. If you are more than 10 minutes late it is considered no call/no show and the remaining lesson time will not be provided or refunded.

Cancellation Fee:

Due to no shows, sick cancellations, and makeup lesson cancellations there is a $50 cancellation fee effective 9/2/22. If the fee is unpaid, any future lessons will not be given. Thank you for your understanding that my time is valuable and my livelihood depends on you. 

Sick Policy:

In the event you have an emergency (sickness) your lesson will be credited to a makeup due within one week that doesn’t count as your weekly lesson. Please confirm an additional time that you can attend a makeup lesson (in the morning/weekend) that doesn't count as your regular weekly lesson.

How to redeem Pricing Plan: 

1. Log into your account on a desktop computer.
2.Purchase a Pricing Plan

3. Log into account and select book online. Select book now and choose the correct date and time that you would like your pricing plan to redeem. Select the next button to read and agree to the terms. At the bottom of the page you will be able to redeem your pricing plan to pay for the session. Select book now at the top right corner of the page. Please purchase Freestyle session/sessions if your lesson is Freestyle level especially for Tuesday and Thursday afternoons since the sessions usually sell out. 

Rules: Please confirm via email ( prior to the start of the month on a weekly lesson time for your pricing plan or drop-in availability on the website since I already have weekly lesson slot confirmations that might appear as available (before the start of the month) but are currently student’s lesson time. Please confirm via email which type of session the available lessons will be on (Freestyle or Public Skate). 

Booking Video Tutorial: 

Profile Bar:

At the top right corner of the desktop version of the website you will be able to access your account info including your subscriptions, wallet, and account settings. 

FullSizeRender 2.heic


Under your bookings tab you will be able to see an itemized list of your bookings with the date and time. You can see your upcoming bookings as well as your previous booking history.You will be able to mange your bookings and have the option to book again. 

FullSizeRender 3.heic


Under the subscription tab you will be able to see which of your plans are currently active and which have expired. You can also find the date that your subscription will expire.  


Google Calendar/SMS Reminders:

In order to stay organized and up to date with your current lesson bookings, you will have the option to add your sessions to Google Calendar and opt into SMS reminders one day before your session.This option is highly recommend for students with early morning lessons.  

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